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Absent Words by Vanessa Salemi

Absent Words by Vanessa Salemi

Emelia Debroux is fed up with the way her life is going. As a 25-year old anthropology major (and an archelogy extraordinaire), she’s struggling to break into the field and find work doing what she loves. It doesn’t help that her twin brother, Sebastian, is getting married and has a great job, while she is at a complete standstill—just like her love life. When Emelia is set up on a blind-date her ardent refusal falls on deaf ears. She agrees to a date with a man named Nathaniel, who turned out to be Nathaniel Cassidy—her roommate Hannah’s ex-boyfriend. The man who disappeared, without a trace, five years earlier leaving both Hannah and Emmie in his wake. Now that he's back, he wants to make a deal. If Emelia can help him fix things with his ex, Nate will help her get a job. The closer they get, the more undeniable their connection becomes. But Emmie's still angry and Nate's still keeping secrets.

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Category: Contemporary

  • August 31, 2019