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A Love Like Ours by Kitty Dawson

A Love Like Ours by Kitty Dawson

A Forbidden Love… A Deadly Secret… A Rivalry that has been going on for centuries… None of these things matter to Aurora Minos, for her heart was stolen by the drifter Bastian a long time ago. Yet the closer she gets to Bastian, the more her loyalty and love for him is tested. When Aurora discovers Bastian’s true identity, she is befuddled by the deceit. Now she must choose a life on the run with Bastian, or a gilded cage. But how can anyone go back to their ordinary human world, when they have been loved by a wolf? If you are searching for your next steamy romance, then dive into “A Love like Ours”. It’s a love like this that turns into legends.

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Category: Paranormal

  • August 15, 2019