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Wanted in Paradise: a romantic suspense novel by Kate Ashenden

Wanted in Paradise: a romantic suspense novel by Kate Ashenden

Escape into a thrilling romantic suspense… When their world comes crashing down, where can Jasmine and Romeo seek solace? …Paradise awaits, but there is trouble ahead and obstacles to overcome before our couple can reach their wonderful HEA. Enjoy an action-packed forbidden love story set in the beautiful Maldives. How do you let go of your forbidden love? Do you move away, start a new life? The answer is never that simple... Perhaps the right thing to do is to fight for that love even though it feels wrong? That is the dilemma faced by Jasmine and Romeo as family loyalty stands like a steel wall between them. Jasmine is the ex-girlfriend of Romeo’s brother, so crossing that line could taint their relationship and hurt loved ones. So they completely cut contact. Five years pass, but the memories never fade. Romeo is a fixture in Jasmine’s everyday thoughts, and Jasmine is the subject of the love songs he writes. Now Romeo is an international singing sensation, adored by millions, but disillusioned with his fame. Jasmine is a PR executive, but uninspired by her stressful job in the city. Their lives couldn’t be more different. It is when Jasmine loses family during a typhoon, and Romeo’s brother mysteriously disappears that a mutual sense of loss reunites them. They need freedom from their pain and a new focus. Romeo whisks Jasmine away to the Maldives to work on publicity for his ‘Power to Change’ concert – a star-studded event which will be broadcast globally, and an opportunity to use his high profile for a good purpose. However, their path to success is fraught with challenges and danger, as the concert faces disaster, and they battle to resist their burning desire for one another. Saying no to their love would be a tragedy, but saying yes could cost them their lives…

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  • July 13, 2019