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Voland by Zara Zenia

Voland by Zara Zenia

With thoughts of betrayal running through his head, Voland has a plan to get Palzu's sights off of his home planet and onto Earth. After all, there doesn't seem to be anything on this planet worth saving. After Voland and the rest of the Orbas split up to go their separate ways, he hopes to lay low and find a way back home after he's sure that Palzu will take a better liking to Earth. However, he hadn't expected to find a human woman, Felicity, asking for his help. With each day he spends with her, he finds that she's beginning to grow on him. Sure, the Earth may not be worth saving, but she seems to be… Voland is the third book in the Warriors of Orba series, following the Orba warriors and the human women that love them. Each book in this page-turning science fiction series can be read as standalones. There are NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a GUARANTEED happy ending!

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Category: Science Fiction

  • June 10, 2019