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Wolf Protector by Serena Woodland

Wolf Protector by Serena Woodland

I finally got away from a monster that put me through years of hell. I started a new life working hard to provide for my children. That was until the beast that I got away from, discovered my whereabouts and seemed hell bent on getting us back no matter what it took. I lost all hope… That was until Makin came howling into town sweeping me off my feet. The moment I made eye contact with him, he claimed me as his mate. His wolf within is raising havoc, determined to protect me from anything or anybody that comes near his territory. One problem, I worked way too hard to get away from the dangerous shifter life only to fall back into it…but Makin’s dominating ways both inside and out make it very hard to push away…

Deal available through Jun 09(Price may have changed)

Category: Fantasy

  • June 9, 2019