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Highside: a novella by Lizzie A. Williamson

Highside: a novella by Lizzie A. Williamson

Brie is given a second chance at life until she's betrayed by the very person she thought would cherish her. Breanna O'Donnell's childhood made her the person she is today. Or rather that's what she likes to believe, what other purposes could there have been to the years of abuse she and her brother Finn suffered at their father's hand? Rescued by the Mitchell family, Brie and Finn learn for the first time that love can come without pain. Brie, a hard-nosed businesswoman leads Jesse Mitchell's racing team. Her love for him could complicate everything. Jesse Mitchell, MotoGP rider, has always been in the lead until circumstances leave him broken. He turns to Brie for support but she has a secret that could ruin everything. A secret that could change their lives forever. Every story needs a beginning; this story is the beginning of the Between the Lines series by Lizzie A. Williamson. Will Jesse and Brie find love? Or will Brie's secret ruin everything? Highside is the first book in the Between the Lines series. This is not a HEA but a prequel to the next book in the series. Make sure not to miss the next book, Offsides.

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  • June 3, 2019