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Protecting Sasha by Natasha L. Black

Protecting Sasha by Natasha L. Black

The Russian mob is after my best friend's sis and it's up to me to protect her. Marrying Sasha is the quickest way to bring her to the US. She’ll be my fake wife and I'll do her brother a solid. Except, the night I meet Sasha is the night that changes everything. She's unlike any woman I know... Her exotic beauty and delicious curves make me want to share not only my last name but also my bed with her. I need to taste her, touch her and make her mine. When the mob comes after us, I have a real reason to teach them a lesson. They have no idea who the h*ll they’re messing with. Our marriage may be fake, but my commitment to keep Sasha safe couldn't be more real.

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  • May 25, 2019