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Princess Lost by Catelyn Meadows

Princess Lost by Catelyn Meadows

The princess of Sicilia is still alive. If Cove can find her, he may be in danger of losing his heart. Cove Rutledge has one mission while in Bohemia—find the king’s long lost daughter. It’s his only chance of winning the hand of the king’s beautiful ward and elevating his station from surveyor to something far superior. But as Cove sets out to interview the young ladies of the quaint village, he is immediately entranced by Perdita Aravale, the sheepherder’s ward. The nearer Cove comes to discovering Perdita’s true identity, the less he wants to uncover the truth. He’s falling faster for Perdita than he ever imagined, and soon he’s faced with an entirely unforeseen dilemma. If Perdita is the lost princess, and Cove is the one to present her to the king, Cove will win the hand of a woman of extremely high ranking. A woman he doesn’t love. If Perdita truly is the princess, Cove will be the one to lose her.

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  • May 14, 2019