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Boss Daddy by Annie J. Rose

Boss Daddy by Annie J. Rose

We shared one wild, unforgettable night. Colt was my secret crush. I was trying to get back at my ex. Pregnant and scared, I ran away. Six years later, I’m desperate for a job and Colt is the CEO. Passion sparks between us again. I can’t tell him my secret. Our son, sick, is in need of a transplant. Why do I run to Colt? Why is he the only one who can comfort me and make me weak with desire? He won’t let me go, no matter how I try to stay away. Colt’s tongue is hot in my mouth, his hands all over me When I get the emergency call about my son, our son. Do I tell Colt my secret just when I might lose everything?

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  • April 5, 2019