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The Chieftain – A Highlander’s Heart and Soul Novel by Maeve Greyson

The Chieftain - A Highlander's Heart and Soul Novel by Maeve Greyson

She took his heart. Will she take his name? A mercenary with a conscience, Alexander MacCoinnich fights for those he deems worthy of his skills and able to pay his price. His services sometimes provoke accusations of rebel and traitor and take him across countries and kingdoms. With no home of his own, this life suits him. At least… until now. Now Alexander must choose: remain a soldier for hire or retire his warring ways to save the woman who risked everything to save him. Catriona Neal has been the lady of Clan Neal’s keep since her mother’s dying request left her striving to keep a promise. The promise she gave to shield the clan from the cruel ways of her father the chieftain. Over the years, aided by her father’s failing health, Catriona manipulated her sire’s commands for the good of all. She’s been faithful to the oath she gave her mother. But that oath came with great sacrifice. Catriona can never marry. No man would accept a life with her since she can never escape her self-imposed prison—not even when her father dies. The next chieftain, her brother, is so sadistic that the vile deeds of her father pale in comparison. Somehow, she must continue protecting her clan. Alexander could be the answer to Catriona’s prayers, or the brutal end to all she’s promised to protect. Catriona must decide—will she risk the wrath of the king and abandon her clan for love or deny her heart and forever mourn what might have been?

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  • March 20, 2019