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Highlanders Lass by Emma Night

Highlanders Lass by Emma Night

The comely and curvaceous Fiona is a member of the Highlands clan Brodie but her legendary, magnificent leader, Laird David is not around. While he is off doing battle, an ambitious competitor wants to take the laird for all that he has and becomes a strange and morphing beast to terrorize the servants from their home. All but Fiona, that is. Fortunately the undefeated warrior Laird David and his men appear in the nick of time just after a mysterious raven like-creature saves Fiona from a brutal end. But when Laird David does not like her version of the facts as to where everyone has gone, he plies the truth with hot and erotic methods. Could it be that Fiona has been seduced into loving a man who transformed into the raven who saves her?

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Category: Historical

  • January 24, 2017