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Tequila and Candy Drops by Jean Oram

Tequila and Candy Drops by Jean Oram

Nicola Samuels kissed the sexiest man she knows—her best friend. The man who veers away from commitment as though it’s scarier than a pit of snakes. The man who, she believes, has only ever seen her as his backpacking travel buddy. The man she hasn’t spoken to since The Kiss. But Nicola’s ready for the next step in life—career, marriage, family. And she knows just the man who will fit by her side—the man who makes her laugh and her heart sing. Todd Haber, her commitment-phobe BBF and the best kisser she’s ever met. Can Nicola find a way to tame the untameable? Or will her intentions send her best friend fleeing, breaking her heart in the process?

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Category: Contemporary

  • January 21, 2017