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Shiftr by Ariana Hawkes

Shiftr by Ariana Hawkes

Ryzard Adler has always been the hothead of the Hope Valley bears, and a dark past makes him believe that he's not mate material. But when his clan forces him to find a mate through Shiftr and a 95% match comes up, an even darker secret comes out in the shape of Marilyn Faustino, which threatens his whole future in the clan. When Marilyn had a one-night stand with a sexy, husky-voiced stranger two years earlier, she not only got scared half to death when he accidentally shifted, but became the mother of two identical cubs. She never expected to see their father again, and when Ryzard comes back into her life, seemingly as irresponsible as ever, the feisty beauty is less than impressed. Ryzard needs to show Marilyn that he can be a good father to the boys. He still doesn’t believe that he’s good enough for their mother, but will his efforts convince him that maybe he’s mate material after all?

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Category: Paranormal

  • January 15, 2017